Who we are

Tecmas is a company that has been working for over twenty years in the mechanical manufacturing of automatic machines. We operate mainly in warehouse logistics.
Thanks to the experience gained over time, we manufacture machines at competitive costs, without sacrificing the best quality. The proposed solutions are tailored to the needs of each individual project. Relations with customers are managed with the utmost flexibility , thanks to our lean and efficient structure.
Our headquarters in Biassono (Monza) spread over a total covered area of ​​3200 square meters, 2000 of which are occupied by the production departments. Our staff, from the technical office to the production and assembly workshop, is composed by highly specialized technicians.
Our solutions are constantly developing to achieve the ever-increasing performance required by the market.

Our Mission

Tecmas is able to provide you with tailor-made services: we design and build systems and machines customized to your specific needs.

Our Team

Design engineers, carpenters, welders and machine tool operators work in synergy with the utmost professionalism to meet your expectations.

Our History

Tecmas was founded in Monza in 1996 as the manufacturer of machinery in the textile sector for Salmoiraghi S.p.a.
Over time we have equipped ourselves with a technical office to develop our projects internally. Over the years, from textiles we have grown into industrial automation in various production sectors, thus enriching our offer. The mechanical precision needs of our customers have led us to move from pure carpentry machines to machines with a high level of mechanical processing. Today we are able to follow our customer from the process automation idea to the plant realization.

Our Production Range

We offer a wide range of products for the textile, mechanical, food, electronic and petroleum sectors.
We design and build ground and overhead transport lines for handling various types of products, complete with auxiliary devices such as: orthogonal transfers, rotary tables, mechanical and pneumatic lifters. We handle pallets, metal crates, boxes, reels and rolls.
We manufacture special machines for controlled environments such as clean rooms and refrigerated areas.
See our work for some examples of what we can do.

Our know-how: from idea to realization

Thanks to the structure, which includes the technical design office, the production and assembly workshop, we are able to offer a 360 ° service that starts from design, construction and testing, up to assembly, if requested by the customer: from the idea to the realization of the finished machine.
Managing all workflows in house reduces delivery time. These features allow us to provide our customer with prompt answers both in the production of prototypes and series of machines.


Every proposed solution is studied together with the customer, to achieve the best combination of performance, functionality and investment.
The design can be carried out both internally, thanks to a team of engineers and designers, and externally, collaborating with a design studio.

Mechanical Processing

The use of traditional and CNC machinery allows us to produce small quantities or unique pieces, without the cost increases typical of highly automated systems, thus offering quality products at highly competitive prices.
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Tecmas is a company specialized in the design and production of non-standard mechanical carpentry, to meet the needs of all those industrial realities that require custom mechanical parts or handling solutions.
Click here for some examples of what we can do.

Maintenance and Revamping

We offer maintenance services for specific modifications and revamping of existing plants to adapt them to new customer needs, such as moving production lines, changing functionality and adding machineries.
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Our Works

Tailor-made constructions for all needs.

Work with us

We are always looking for professionals in the mechanical production sector.
Any spontaneous application is encouraged.
Send us your CV, we will contact you as soon as possible.
We are currently looking for:

  • Technical designer with at least 5 years of experience in the mechanical sector
  • Carpenter for the realization of drawing-based pieces
  • Trainee operator for CNC machines
  • Trainee for organization and management of the production workflow

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