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AGV-CTS (Can Transport System)

The AGV CTS (Can Transport System) is a fully automatic vehicle designed to carry out the task of moving the spinning cans used to transport the cotton braid coming out of the draw frames to the spinning machines and returning the empty cans to the draw frames.
The AGV is able to pick up the cans from a defined location, load them on board the vehicle itself, transport and deposit them in the specific storage positions automatically without the need for any manual operation.
The AGV CTS is designed to be able to work in very narrow corridors such as those between two spinning machines and can therefore be used both in existing plants and in new plants without the need for particular modifications.
This vehicle is equipped with the latest inertial guidance method, which guarantees absolute positioning accuracy and at the same time allows for simple installation: no cutting of the floor, installation of laser reflectors or other preparatory work is required (with the exception of the installation of calibration magnetic pins on the floor).

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